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koki1212 on Sunday January 20, 2013
i almost never give reviews but this is on of the most retarded player i ever met here and there would take me a few hours to write all the reasons...end of story
FortSomFan on Thursday January 17, 2013
Cool guy, and loves life :)
bobod on Wednesday January 16, 2013
pga with I'M ADDICTED
hcdug on Tuesday January 8, 2013
what a bad stabber and noob purp
phillibilli on Thursday January 3, 2013
beware backstabber : bobod: flag teal jochei has left GodOfThunder666: gga axl: gg bobod: i choose backstab on teal axl: lol???
mrspurple on Thursday January 3, 2013
he was nice to me.Not bad player.
dogiscan on Saturday December 29, 2012
Pga, bad player
Bruster01 on Monday December 24, 2012
pga pga
franz4098 on Sunday December 23, 2012
The bastard tried to kill me even when I flagged him, just because I tried to go for 1st. Stupid dick sucking bellend should learn how to play. Kill on sight with a brick in hand.
zhaoyun on Tuesday November 27, 2012
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