Love is an amazing gift.....Treat it and others with the care they deserve!!!!!
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LUV MY X wrote
at 1:02 AM, Friday August 24, 2012 EDT
ooops wrong Love you my love!!! cant sleep for thinking of you,and what we do together. mmmmmmmmmm see you soon xoxoxoxo 'X'
LUV MY X wrote
at 4:00 AM, Wednesday August 22, 2012 EDT
Will miss you terribly today my Love. hope u have a good day. Can't wait to be wrapped up on you again. No better feeling! XOXOXO..'X'
LUV MY X wrote
at 2:47 AM, Tuesday August 21, 2012 EDT
Good morning sweetheart. You are the one true Love of my life. Every minute with you is a true fantasy! nowhere i would rather be. H.W.M.S. is right. Hope you have a great day, see you soon. XOXOXOXOXOXO....'X'
LUV MY X wrote
at 3:55 AM, Friday August 17, 2012 EDT
cant wait to hold you in my arms again..makes everything right. Love you my LUV 'X'
LUV MY X wrote
at 5:54 AM, Thursday August 16, 2012 EDT
LUV MY X wrote
at 4:47 AM, Monday August 13, 2012 EDT
good morning LUV my Love: OMG! what a weekend. You are a fantasy come true. An amazing woman,best friend,love,and lover. You are my true soulmate. May God bless you,and keep you till we can be in each others arms once again. I Love you so very much SHEA LUV...'X'
LUV MY X wrote
at 1:36 PM, Friday August 10, 2012 EDT
You have more honor,integrity,and character than any woman i have ever met. Why God chose to have such an amazing woman love a dumbass like me,i will never know. I thank him every day. I Love you LUV ! 'X'
LUV MY X wrote
at 3:58 AM, Wednesday August 8, 2012 EDT
Good morning my Love: hope you have a wonderful day! Make friends,kick butt,and have fun..makes this crazy game worth playin. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY BATTERED HEART..LOL.. 'X'
LUV MY X wrote
at 3:48 AM, Tuesday August 7, 2012 EDT
you are the most amazing woman i have ever known. Best friend,and Love of my life. You are my guardian angel. Love u Luv!
LUV MY X wrote
at 4:37 AM, Friday August 3, 2012 EDT
good morning my luv. hope you have a good day and gl. xoxoxo
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