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This player has been modded by the community

cool off -re-register jurgen 2:42 PM, Monday June 9, 2014 EDT
you don't seem to get it do you? -changeAvatar -post -avatar jurgen 8:05 AM, Sunday December 15, 2013 EST
gurg1 -chat jurgen 3:36 AM, Sunday December 15, 2013 EST
proxy -play jurgen 3:36 PM, Friday December 13, 2013 EST
restored, watch the racism +chat +post KDICEMOD 2:58 AM, Friday June 22, 2012 EDT
Please refrain from racist comments. -chat -post KDICEMOD 10:56 AM, Thursday June 21, 2012 EDT

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ariel1907 on Wednesday July 11, 2012
alt of HatersGonnaHate
Jack Barrows on Thursday June 28, 2012
hahahahah, what pathetic guy, he give positive reviews from his alt's to himself cause he think that other player's will trust in that crap, hahaha you sad pathetic guy, all here knows that you are racist and all here see reason of your ban, already proven thing is that boon26m is your alt, that thing knows all players, even some pretty respected players warn you bout that you will lose credibility with doing this. So, boon26m is his account for sure and he give positive reviews to himself just to try wash up his racist remarks and i bet that HATERSGONNAHATE is alos his alt cause he told me almost exactly same thing in chat when i was logged on fatman account, not ceban just he was talking in first face and asked me why i do this to him. He is sad guy who even cant look himself in the mirror and tell 'I am racist, so what' but he hate black people but he shame to admit that!ALL THIS FACT'S BOUT ALTS WHERE HE BRAG HIMSELF YOU CAN CHECK ON FORUM, CU YOU YOU LITTLE PATHETIC SAD RACIST!
Fatman_x on Wednesday June 27, 2012
Just for you, I'm adding this comment to kick the 70 lines of "CUNT", that "Yo mumma" left, from page one of your reviews
pahite on Wednesday June 27, 2012
r0n on Tuesday June 26, 2012
THIS PLAYER IS NOT RACIST...r0n and ceban have been harassing him and will not stop...the mods have been told about this, yet they are doing nothing about the harassment and lies...MULDER is a honorable and fair player and does not deserve this treatment.
boon26m on Tuesday June 26, 2012
It would seem I have made a terrible mistake with this person. He did in fact prove his effort in convincing me that I had the wrong idea about him. This guy is not a racist, I have overreacted in my review of him and I know that's wrong now. MULDERXX does not have any problem with people because of their race. I realise now that he knows racism is wrong, and I trust he'll try to fight it as much as I do. We can't tolerate racism, not here in this game as anywhere else in our lives. MULDERXX, I truly apologize for having made this mistake.
HatersGonnaHate on Tuesday June 26, 2012
r0n is just telling the truth, he told r0n that he is nigger few times, obviously pissed so he must free his frustrations here by insulting other players with racist comments, he called him nigger and dirty nigger more than once, me, him and few other players saw that. I only regreat that I didnt took screen shot of those insults...
ceban on Monday June 25, 2012
r0n you must love that word...you are writing that everywhere...i would appreciate it if you would refrain from using it and associating it with me as i never used that word...ur picture is of Busta Rhymes and I like him so why would i call anyone that? ...thanks sir have a good day...
MULDERXX on Monday June 25, 2012
do good anyway on Monday June 25, 2012
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