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backstabber and an unfair and dishonest player in general. someone flagged him and put his actual flag up, and when there were only three players left, he turned on the guy who had flagged second and said he wanted to give me second, even though he didn't owe me anything and I'd never done anything to deserve second, whereas the player in second had been fair and honorable all game and deserved it.
Das_Pithlit on Saturday April 12, 2014
noob and backstabbler
Henrik on Monday February 25, 2013
Stupid player!!! He deosnt respect flags!!!
Lucas Barbosa on Sunday February 24, 2013
Very good and fair player.
GiustinianoIII on Wednesday February 13, 2013
Stupid player. Dont respect flag! Pga with ugis. Try to play with me again, you bastard.
Wallw on Thursday February 7, 2013
bad player dont respect flag!big moron and very big idiot dont respect flag bad player!im rember you moron add create new acc asholle!
bivo on Thursday January 31, 2013
doesnt accept flags at ALL. noob, do not trust
Tim Timmothson on Sunday January 20, 2013
koki1212 on Sunday January 20, 2013
Backstabbing asshole that attacks people he flagged
Headless_Chicken on Wednesday January 16, 2013
asshole.. doesnt accept flags.
freaky like me on Thursday January 10, 2013
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