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A very cool guy to play with.
LifeArrow on Thursday June 29, 2017
baz cake defeated 8v8, 30 to 10, (3,3,4,6,3,5,5,1 to 1,1,1,2,1,2,1,1)...Just brilliant! What a genius, far beyond his time.
Distorted on Tuesday September 29, 2015
The tastiest cake you could ever meet.
DonnieScribbles on Tuesday September 22, 2015
Good and honest player, adds fun to the game.
Jerbin on Saturday December 22, 2012
there are some players you can always have fun with. hes one of them. doesnt take the game to serious. was fun to play with him and hope to play it again. cu
Fieselfink on Wednesday September 26, 2012
i didnt pga with him, ciciban is a bad loser
Booldozerr on Tuesday August 21, 2012
pga idiot with Booldozerr
ciciban on Tuesday August 21, 2012
pga with mars cake and itaki
SuziQ on Monday June 25, 2012
Nice bloke
Green29 on Sunday June 24, 2012
Always pga's with grey.
Groper on Thursday June 21, 2012
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