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Henrik on Thursday January 19, 2012
PGA with The ExpIoited
Luckyroller45 on Tuesday January 17, 2012
piece of shit, ya mom got aids
nW0 on Saturday January 14, 2012
TriumphTheInsult is here ihadavan has left TriumphTheInsult is here TriumphTheInsult is here TriumphTheInsult is here 2000okan has left Nexxen is here paralus is here iTzSmexy is here zaphodb1 is here @danburytrashers has left zaphodb1 has left trimuant has left THISISMYUSERNAME is here THISISMYUSERNAME has left iTzSmexy: ill move blue iTzSmexy: go up iTzSmexy: with ya stack :D Beat+ is here Beat+ has left Nexxen: so taking back i assume? i will continue my path teal gwfreak23 is here gwfreak23 has left iTzSmexy: just going east iTzSmexy: new route Nexxen: haha ;) iTzSmexy: perfect TriumphTheInsult: didnt know this was a teams game iTzSmexy: its not iTzSmexy: hes just fighting u iTzSmexy: and 2v1 isnt fair iTzSmexy: the way i look at it iTzSmexy: blue go all the way around iTzSmexy: hahaha Nexxen: is not a team games, however. that does not mean that team might eventually form TriumphTheInsult: flag blue iTzSmexy: hahah purple Nexxen: purp, being that in this case a truce did happen, i say yes, i take your flga, but only if it for third TriumphTheInsult: ok iTzSmexy: so i am second ? Nexxen: ok then Nexxen: yes teal iTzSmexy: thank u Nexxen: no mate, we did together;) iTzSmexy: Oh yeh!!! [:
TriumphTheInsult on Wednesday January 11, 2012
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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