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play restored, good luck. You can be upset all you want but you have to be honest to yourself and realise you favor your friends too hard. +play jurgen 3:33 PM, Tuesday November 1, 2011 EDT
tournament favoring at best, maybe pga with emre oguz + also giving game instractions in turkish with scrambled words in an attempt to not make me understand it -play jurgen 7:38 AM, Tuesday October 25, 2011 EDT

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fuck you sistr and beybi pga idiot create new acc!!
bivo on Saturday December 31, 2011
pge'd for being both foolish and selfish
ImbettathanAnish on Wednesday December 14, 2011
incredible douche
pablinho on Sunday December 11, 2011
wilfully ignored flag. -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
CuteKittens on Saturday December 10, 2011
PGA with Invola
Picardia on Friday December 9, 2011
Good tempered and calm. Sorry again :/
YuxxyB on Tuesday December 6, 2011
Smart and Patient Player!
@Vashthestabde on Tuesday December 6, 2011
Shameless backstabber, and turkish PGA.
r0n on Friday December 2, 2011
Attacked when he had flagged to 1st and 2nd, and he had 3rd and needed to flag out. He attacked 1st (me) to destroy chances of a win. The definition of backstabber.
cadpilot on Thursday December 1, 2011
Don't respect flag and pga with Julito_tito kill him asap
William Vialle on Thursday December 1, 2011
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