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bivo love sex... call me i am bivo +38763249060 VIBER
IQ Genius on Wednesday December 13, 2017
oatbreaker retard. doesn't really get this game, incredibly stupid.
Vsync on Sunday August 27, 2017
Barry, this is Red, the other English teacher. I'm in America right now, so if you want substitute work at the school I teach at, write on my wall or something.
PanzerRed on Saturday August 19, 2017
Nice player
prairiehobo on Monday May 23, 2016
i cant even start to explain how stupid this player is..
dr.rd on Thursday May 19, 2016
petty asshole power tripper
Dude111 on Wednesday May 4, 2016
good, fair and funny player!
ondrasz on Tuesday May 3, 2016
I'm chat banned so read the bored.
Lalita Lani on Friday April 15, 2016
good player
sundecki on Saturday March 19, 2016
Seriously wrf is this guy about? Be careful
mgdruss on Wednesday February 10, 2016
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