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Restored +chat +play MadHat_Sam 6:01 PM, Tuesday October 25, 2011 EDT
Seriously, grow the fuck up. -chat -play MadHat_Sam 3:05 PM, Wednesday September 28, 2011 EDT

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aww i feel bad you got banned but it was nice to meet you watch your language dude so you can continue to tell me to get laid
Travis O Johnson on Wednesday September 28, 2011
Not a trustworthy player.
Dont_Tread on Tuesday September 27, 2011
just backstabed me for no reason
utyug on Tuesday September 27, 2011
Stick to the 0 tables.
InvaderX on Friday September 23, 2011
nice player, enjoyed playing with him
Typkeyna on Monday September 12, 2011
irritating person.
n33n0 on Saturday August 13, 2011
what a complete illogical nonsensical piece of shit. learn to play. it'll do the rest of us players good.
pkrangerpk on Friday August 12, 2011
I love teaL!
Sisper on Thursday August 11, 2011
Just not a very nice person, really.
skinnedknee on Tuesday August 9, 2011
nice and fair player!
Rmer on Monday August 8, 2011
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