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just stupid. plain ole stupid.
kittah on Wednesday February 10, 2016
Backstabber he flag after he beat his opponent he attack for a higher rank...
@HarunKavun on Monday December 7, 2015
Dare I ask what a kditch even is?
Harlequin UZ on Saturday December 5, 2015
Sound enough, reasonable guy with a decent taste of music.
DonnieScribbles on Friday November 6, 2015
This guy is one of the stupidest I ever played on this game. Or he plays the stupid to stabb you more at the end. Beware.
stakaboo on Friday November 6, 2015
Troll. Avoid.
48430934809 on Saturday April 11, 2015
nice player
LOLzocker on Sunday October 12, 2014
Just another unhonorable player, greedy for kill steals
donjon on Tuesday September 9, 2014
Funny thing. love it
delzzz on Wednesday July 10, 2013
Very good, nice player!!
PeterSSon on Friday June 7, 2013
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