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he is not an honest player. he flagged 2nd and never said who it was to and so i said i guess me and another player are fighting 1/3. he didn't deny this. when he had conveniently killed another player and built up huge, he decided he had flagged the player i was fighting and attacked me. he CLEARLY let me believe he had flagged position and not a player because he knew i would take the opportunity to flag that player and kill him when i was bigger and had 8 stacks on his small ones. pga with enkidu.
do good anyway on Wednesday August 15, 2012
Good neighbor
Enkidu on Wednesday August 15, 2012
very honest and honourable player
limeylimey on Tuesday August 14, 2012
Trucer. Kill on sight.
CGreenberg on Tuesday August 14, 2012
Backstabber!!! DON't accept his flags idiot
free taxi 1 th on Sunday August 5, 2012
fuck you sistr and beybi pga idiot and trucer asholle delte acc!!
bivo on Monday July 30, 2012
Backstabber!!! DON't accept his flags
kattashuso on Wednesday June 27, 2012
switched sides while countering to save his ass...
losemaker on Monday May 21, 2012
Do not trust!
Tagur2 on Sunday April 22, 2012
xxss on Thursday April 12, 2012
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