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Alperen Kalay

The Lion Does Not Concern Himself With The Opinions Of The Sheep.
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play mate on Saturday December 9, 2017
Keeps pgaing. it's getting old.
Gauntlet15 on Sunday October 8, 2017
PGA every game. Gets old.
Noob Slayer on Wednesday October 4, 2017
human garbage, PGA
48430934809 on Sunday October 1, 2017
no offense dude but its kinda shit. stop pgaing maybe?
Caesar on Wednesday September 27, 2017
bullshit PGA tourney
Exa on Sunday September 24, 2017
What ever they try what ever they do, I'll keep playing fair and nice for all. Thats what i do thats what i believe and thats what game needs.
Alperen Kalay on Sunday September 17, 2017
all the reviews are correct, will flag you then let you die or stab when he gets the chance. The only good reviews are from his german pga mates. Just kill him while you can, he makes a funny noise when you do! happy rolling.
hcdug on Friday September 15, 2017
Didnt keep his flag on tourney.
Ehrnrooth on Friday September 15, 2017
BAD PLAYER... STABER !!!!!!!!STABER!!!!!!STABER!!!!! Bist Du neidisch wegen mein ERFOLG ????? Wiso macht du das... ????? Was hast du davon ???? Ich habe dir Gesagt das ich nicht bivo bin ??? Was willst du von mir ??? Wlillst du dauer krig oder was ???? Reviews here id bivo http://kdice.com/games/79507679 Alperen Kalay on Thursday September 14, 2017
G e n e r a l on Friday September 15, 2017
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