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Alperen Kalay

Be a diplomat, not a savage.
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All you are is mean and a liar and pathetic And alone in life and mean, and mean, and mean, and mean oh and pga with [email protected]???, ofc!
nihonjinnaraba on Friday November 30, 2018
Pga with [email protected]??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFE6qQ3ySXE
gtzlat on Sunday November 25, 2018
Pga with [email protected]???
mzm on Sunday November 25, 2018
Pga with [email protected]???
DD42 on Wednesday November 21, 2018
Pga with [email protected]???
Lunchbreakfun on Tuesday November 20, 2018
pointwhore, budala
IFIGENIUS on Monday November 19, 2018
Probably PGA with [email protected]??? That guy [email protected]??? ruins all other players and make space for Alpen. Cheap dishonest play on 5k and even 500s. Shame on you
Mark Twain on Saturday November 17, 2018
PGA WITH [email protected]???
gschmidt on Friday November 16, 2018
Alperen Kalay: I am on nobody's side, because nobody is on my side, little orc.
x1 on Friday November 16, 2018
Alperen Kalay: i really dont do polemics i play my game Alperen Kalay: if you know me a bit
Why? on Thursday November 15, 2018
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