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Caephus on Friday January 16, 2015
Who is this guy? Why is he allowed access to a computer? Why am I posting this? When is he going to call and explain why our date ended so badly? Does he expect everyone to buy him drinks? What's that smell? ... I'm just not sure anymore. You should probably avoid him. ((call me!))
The Honey Badger on Saturday July 5, 2014
Kill on sight backstabber
jordenlee45 on Friday June 20, 2014
you wrote this review because i said, that you gave the wrong review to ChickenSlayer? pathetic .. btw i let you fight vs swift and fought ChickenSlayer and you tried to stab me stealing my kill..
BaNaT on Thursday May 22, 2014
you must learn to lose. if you attack everyone don't expect people will accept your flag. and it doesnt mean PGA. Looking at your reviews it makes sense to me now.
Capo Chino on Monday May 19, 2014
God look at these reviews. They say it all.
iwantlvl20 on Monday May 19, 2014
kikidice on Monday May 19, 2014
Fart gargling gnu strangler with herpies, crabs, genital warts and a fungal infection in his urinary tract.
jfcxncgn on Thursday May 15, 2014
DO NOT believe him if he want to be killed in the end.
Noobeum on Tuesday May 6, 2014
flagged me then attacked me as soon as he was build up
worldsend on Monday May 5, 2014
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