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idiot and poor loser. dont whine...
Fieselfink on Wednesday March 5, 2014
This guy is mouthy, kitten raping, jobless, kangaroo blow job giving, uneducated twat. Kill on sight. Plus he kept mentioning how he loves child porn. and a racist too, makes bad jokes about black and jewish.
Happy Happington on Thursday January 16, 2014
backstabber. never trust this idiot. he flaggs you and fucks you. another one of those pga kiddies. no honour no plan of this game "a little kid posting false reviews"
Marcysch on Saturday November 16, 2013
a retard - kill on sight, doesnt understand the game
Schwabba_is_back on Thursday November 14, 2013
Excellent player, respect flags!
kaiosezzar on Wednesday November 13, 2013
a retard - kill on sight, doesnt understand the game
chclau on Wednesday November 13, 2013
a little kid posting false reviews
slyner on Tuesday November 12, 2013
a clown... a troll... a robot... just posting fake reviews
lilil03 on Friday November 8, 2013
At first i wrote that he's probably a 12 year old, or at least acts like one, then he updated my review to be the exact same thing, plus some curses. Funny one, dumb, and he knows that he is dumb, and hates to be outsmarted, which - regarding his intelligence - happens often. It makes him a player fun to toy with.
pipacs on Wednesday November 6, 2013
this kid a lil punk.. calls pga.. cuz the tables decided to shut him up.. he is that annoying
O_SO_SMOOTH on Wednesday November 6, 2013
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