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PGA and no respect for flags total backstabber better leave seat when u see him on table
BIGPIO on Thursday August 4, 2011
good guy
Erving Goffman on Sunday July 31, 2011
backstabber KOS
gep0930 on Friday July 29, 2011
Confirmed PGA with "eeawww". Flagged him in 2nd round. Then covered behind and stayed there to the end, laughing of people "eeawww" was stabbing. An extreme coward, mentally at least 5 years old. They even don't try to hide their PGA, just chatting about the table on which they're going to play next.
Czester on Friday July 22, 2011
@tenuousera on Wednesday July 20, 2011
Doesn't know how to play the game.
Matthew1 on Monday July 18, 2011
backstabbed me.
yumbo1 on Sunday July 17, 2011
He is a fucking dickhead, don't trust him. pga noob.
Oliversdad on Saturday July 16, 2011
moron, he dont respect flags!! kill on sight!
Bhivedine on Monday July 11, 2011
Luke_Oconnor: srupid fukin niger
kudoukun on Tuesday June 14, 2011
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