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pga with c4a
ZRUV on Thursday December 6, 2012
pga and get caught in a tournament in round 1...
Bazofio on Thursday December 6, 2012
He pga with c4a in a 100 tournament... pathetic
@muzarl on Thursday December 6, 2012
Complete idiot in tournaments. I suspect pga but no proof
ink09 on Monday November 26, 2012
very poor play in tourney.. nice to make a player with 2 lands 3rd who backstabs ? will do the same to you next time
SHO-GUN on Monday November 26, 2012
total douche
grac15 on Tuesday December 20, 2011
btw: PGA with MikeTamburini's
porscheturbo911 on Saturday December 10, 2011
on previous occasions i had good experiences playing with him, but recently he started just ignoring flags
Mars Rover on Wednesday November 30, 2011
Total douche. "Oranges the 1st: yes im 1st? Hyde_: so you should farm? Oranges the 1st: its your island you idiot Oranges the 1st: i could just kill you?"
Hyde_ on Saturday November 26, 2011
funny player, i like him
Plokijuma on Monday January 3, 2011
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