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asshole doesn't respect flags
Ghann on Tuesday October 6, 2015
JamesEnsor on Tuesday October 6, 2015
Self-destructed to help his partner, then bitched about my play in chat and on my reviews page to cover it up. Adorable.
Captain Rhymes a on Monday May 5, 2014
Nice, calm, friendly and intelligent player -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
finnagain on Saturday March 8, 2014
can be a nice player, but cant keep his mouth shut on telling everyone they suck and how bad they are.
xandrial on Friday March 29, 2013
Nice player !
Scorf on Sunday January 6, 2013
KK asshole that doesnt respect flags
pitbulldutch on Saturday December 1, 2012
dont trust him he flagged to me and then he attacked me for a first hes an asshole
flag under me on Sunday November 4, 2012
Good, honourable, respectful and fair player, what else could I say :)
Kudowski on Friday September 7, 2012
Interrupted my 2/3 fight and killed me without any reason, second review from me...no words for that, never seen a more unfair player like him...unbelievable!
konte on Saturday May 26, 2012
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