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Miss you
BigDaddyKane on Saturday December 13, 2014
pga player dont respect flag fishegg
bivo on Wednesday January 15, 2014
Retard, that not accepting flags
diceptr on Wednesday January 15, 2014
It's great to find smart people whit sharpness to interact on the table. A pleasure to play with!
rotia on Friday February 8, 2013
Wow hoboko?
ink09 on Friday November 30, 2012
Fucking idiot backstabs me in a tournament. What a lowlife piece of shit. Should go jump off a fucking cliff and stop polluting the gene pool. Most pathetic player I've seen in a while. No honor and just a complete asshole. Likely enjoys torturing small animals in his spare time. Straight up retarded cunt.
hoboko on Friday November 16, 2012
You owe me, lol! gt, enjoyed it
AletheiaAgape on Tuesday November 13, 2012
Good player.
Viriathus_ on Saturday November 3, 2012
Very good and honest player, pleasure to play with.
Bacje on Friday November 2, 2012
asshole dont respect flags
jacobdach on Thursday November 1, 2012
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