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Emre Oguz

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This player has been modded by the community

play restored, good luck +play jurgen 3:31 PM, Tuesday November 1, 2011 EDT
tournament favoring at best, maybe pga with erkan + also giving game instractions in turkish with scrambled words in an attempt to not make me understand it. Erkan was clearly the more active favoring player but you both clearly worked together over many games. Ban until end of the month -play jurgen 7:40 AM, Tuesday October 25, 2011 EDT

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although totally expierienced, an cheating unfair player
Juice82 on Saturday April 5, 2014
unfair shit
Sabala on Saturday April 5, 2014
total asshole
igino on Monday November 4, 2013
PGA with Mrs. M
Big Punisher on Saturday August 31, 2013
hes a piece of work I'll tell you that much
l3roken on Friday November 30, 2012
he want to have the say but he didint hihi xD and now he is sooo mad and just can name me "noob" or tell me "fuck u noob" grow up pga boy
ButterflyEffect on Monday November 5, 2012
@asd_asdfg123 on Friday October 5, 2012
Sits with teammates every game. He should probably get banned again.
r0n on Thursday September 6, 2012
2012-09-01 Emre Oguz is the silent, Level 73, CHEATING type; but--wow--does he see obvious things or what? All chat below is verbatim as always. Emre Oguz is teal. See the top of his review page for his cheating. ++++++++++ Emre Oguz: nice win red ---------- 3.14159: wow, Level 73 gives you some insight into the game! ---------- 3.14159: who could have seen that!?!? ---------- 3.14159: only teal! ---------- 3.14159: cheat much, teal? ---------- 3.14159: or did you get caught the one time you cheated? ---------- Janph4019: red ? ---------- Janph4019: i flag ---------- 3.14159: teal, why no talking? aren't you PROUD of those cheating medals? ---------- 3.14159: speak up! fill the room with your cheating voice! ---------- Janph4019: red ??? ---------- 3.14159: come on, teal! ---------- 3.14159: speak up! ---------- noflag4u: yes ---------- 3.14159: Emre Oguz! ---------- 3.14159: the power of Emre Oguz! he will NOT speak ---------- Janph4019: why attack me ---------- Janph4019: i flag you ---------- Janph4019: long time ago ---------- 3.14159: except to say "nice win red" when no one could have foreseen it ---------- 3.14159: brilliant! ---------- 3.14159: LEVEL 73, FOLKS! ---------- shorteeeyyy: hahah xD ---------- noflag4u: did i accept ---------- Janph4019: ahh ---------- 3.14159: when he isn't cheating, teal prefers to try to win from the middle ---------- 3.14159: very rare to win from the middle, but teal doesn't care ---------- Janph4019: du you have not accept ---------- 3.14159: he throws caution to the wind, does teal ---------- Janph4019: i dosent have read anything ---------- 3.14159: Emre Oguz! the patron saint of cheaters? ---------- Janph4019: oh i dosent have read red reviews ---------- 3.14159: anyone know anyone OTHER than teal who has been modded for cheating?
3.14159 on Saturday September 1, 2012
unfair, acuse backstabbing and has no respect
osiriswaris on Saturday August 18, 2012
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