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I know most of this was out of your hands but be careful with silent or so called obvious flags that didn't need saying out loud. Good luck +chat +play +post jurgen 6:50 AM, Friday September 16, 2011 EDT
I warned invictus that you both would get banned after I was nice enough to just warn after wh. 1 day ban for you, much longer for him. -chat -play -post jurgen 8:45 AM, Thursday September 15, 2011 EDT

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pga with safiv and goscha
generalissimus S on Wednesday May 27, 2020
PGA with dragonfly500, raul010, aleksa_bre, havoc99, and some friends everyday at 5k and 2k, take care because this player never plays alone.
Henrik on Saturday April 18, 2020
bad game reading
Egazas on Monday November 18, 2019
fair dude !
BlueMan6° on Sunday February 18, 2018
1st is the worst, 2nd is the best, 14th is the one with a hairy chest!
W00PW00PW00P on Thursday February 1, 2018
trucer shit
xXxJozefxXx on Thursday January 25, 2018
Congrats on GOLD!!!
what_up23 on Thursday January 4, 2018
PGA with Jose.
Gauntlet15 on Sunday December 24, 2017
kill him without any doubts...
Ivan Nizgoraev on Sunday December 24, 2017
http://prntscr.com/hnmmmr http://prntscr.com/hnmmsz zumo... Kada bude noc i ugase se svjetla... ti uhvati kurac moj u mrklom mraku... da osjetis kako jebe njofra u mraku.
IQ Genius on Thursday December 14, 2017
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