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Rude and juvenile/explicit comments. Brings the whole experience down when he opens his mouth.
Krangar on Thursday October 6, 2016
funny guy
crowake13 on Tuesday August 9, 2016
Stabber, PGE
Lucas Brown on Saturday August 6, 2016
Never trust him. Kill on sight.
antiochus_megas on Saturday July 30, 2016
padibenis on Thursday June 16, 2016
total stabber. kill on sight
barry gateaux on Thursday June 9, 2016
very dirty player, all, be careful
spman on Tuesday May 24, 2016
While I appreciate the sentiment, kinda, I just refuse to send you dick pics or the likes. This guy feels it is necessary to follow me game to game requesting I send him "Spread eagle dick and balls photos" to his email. I explained I am not like that and will not be sending any man photos like that. He won't stop though, even going as far to offer to send his first to me.. just gross at this point. AGAIN Cristiano, I have no interest in sending youself cock pics nor do I want photos of your cock.
Dick Tucker on Tuesday May 17, 2016
PGE for acting duchely and farming after flags
TheREaL on Sunday December 13, 2015
He thinks he is smart, but 100% he is not ^^
Emanuel321 on Monday December 7, 2015
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