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Wrong account, my apologies. +chat +post KDICEMOD 7:36 PM, Saturday November 6, 2010 EDT
Inappropriate use of chat. Racial and sexual slurs. 7 day ban. -chat -post KDICEMOD 6:20 PM, Saturday November 6, 2010 EDT

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ass... enough said
Peter_Wiggin on Saturday November 6, 2010
2010-11-04 Djangooo/Djangoo/Tarkovsky changed his review of me to: "YOU ARE A NUTCASE! GET A LIFE!" See, what Djangooo is trying for here is irony; we note the irony of Djangooo continuing to do something while crying out in capital letters that it should not be done. Clever boy, Djangooo--Stravinskian irony, that. We do so love Stravinsky. ++++++++++ 2010-11-04 Djangooo/Djangoo/Tarkovsky changed his review of me to: "This is getting quite old. . ." Hmmm, that is very hard to believe as Djangooo continues to scratch his itch by putting new reviews up. As he knows well from previous experience (see below), I almost never post a new review of someone unless they have posted a new review of me. Quite old or not--and despite his protestations--Djangooo appears to like it. It validates his Stravinskian canon. *dancing to Pachelbel's Canon* ++++++++++ 2010-11-03 Djangooo/Djangoo/Tarkovsky changed his review of me to: "FUCK OFF, JERK!" Djangooo having a breakdown? Don't cry, Djangooo, don't cry. Your middle-brow validation is in your Stravinskian canon--your professor told me so. ++++++++++ "Do you really think these overlong reviews don't make you look like a psychopath?" Could Djangoo's concern be touching? Perhaps his pain at identifying his own middle-brow limits has given him some insight? Alas, no, because it is easy to cut-and-paste his new stuff onto the old stuff--length really isn't an issue (except for him? Freudian literary analysis would be about Djangoo's speed). *dancing* uh uh yeah yeah. Djangoo keeps on trying though, doesn't he? Trying and losing is what he does best. Stravinskian. ++++++++++ 2010-10-31 Djangoo and Kepler lost their poser's game to me, but they keep trying to crawl back into character. For a month Djangoo had minded his Ps and Qs when I was around, though I don't know why. His reviews show he was a naughty boy at tables when I wasn't there. Oh, how he wishes he had not said "validated," how that burns and aches in turn. In Djangoo's pseudo-sophisticated writer's mind: "Validated! Why did I say 'validated'? Here I am, someone who can write a 'Stravinskian' canon--my professor said so! (though I worry the professor just likes my boyish charm, or worse, was making some kind of subtle insult that I don't get)--but I used 'validated' like any other middle-brow schmuck. Aaaaaargh." ++++++++++ 2010-10-31 Djangoo still trying to play the game he lost to me, changed his review of me to: "Don't just stare at it, oakcliff, eat it." *dancing* djangoo lost the ga-ame, djangoo lost the ga-ame, poor little djangoo--don't cry ++++++++++ Tom Wolfe wrote this one for Kepler and Djangoo: Little Kepler, he gon' get turned out,----- He gon' learn 'bout comin' through----- For the real funk, he be ass-out!----- Ram 'at sucker, he gon' pass out!----- Djangoo, he gon' switch from him to her-----Go Djangoo! Go Kepler! You lost the game but you just keep going! ++++++++++ 2010-10-03 Changed his review of me to: "Fuck off, faggot." Too late now, Djangoo. You lost at that game. You can't replay it. *doing the mashed potato dance* uh uh yeah yeah got you now girl ++++++++++ 2010-10-03 Poor poser, Djangoo/Tarkovsky. Exposed by a shibboleth he didn't know was a shibboleth: sincerely using the word "validated." Validated! Your high school counselor tell you about that, Djangoo? Don't worry, they let posers subscribe to the Paris Review. 2010-10-03 Djangoo says he and Kepler are not "validated" by joining a fraternity (Kepler said it first; Djangoo repeated it). "Validated"! Literary magazines are knocking down your door at this moment. You will never live that down in your own mind. You broke character accidentally. Game over. I win; you lose "college" boy. Oh, how you wish you had not said that. 2010-10-03 DJANGOO SPEAKS! [PERMABAN for Djangoo/Tarkovsky in 3 days? Is that a new record for you?] Djangoo: Fucking laggy wireless network---------- Kepler: hey oakcliff---------- oakcliff: howdy---------- Kepler: fuck you faggot---------- Kepler: howdy, what the fuck is that---------- Kepler: what are you, the cowboy in the Village People?---------- Djangoo: nice comeback, too---------- Djangoo: ...---------- affe mit waffe: lol purp---------- Djangoo: ?---------- affe mit waffe: never saw such people guy like you---------- Djangoo: ?---------- Djangoo: How so?---------- affe mit waffe: just wondering how you where able to get this amount of points---------- Djangoo: Honor and skill---------- affe mit waffe: cause you are just creating 2 bigs isles all the time---------- affe mit waffe: haha SKILL---------- affe mit waffe: HAHA---------- affe mit waffe: i guess luck---------- Djangoo: Yes, and creating two big isles is my strategy in every game---------- Djangoo: Not just this game---------- Djangoo: Based on what I needed to do---------- Djangoo: I always try to have two bases---------- Djangoo: Because that's good kdice strategy---------- affe mit waffe: gz for being stupid---------- Djangoo: (all sarcasm, faggot)---------- Djangoo: Shut your disgusting whore mouth---------- Djangoo: Before I put my balls down your throat---------- Djangoo: Fucking faggot---------- Kepler: Djangoo, that is just absurd.---------- Kepler: do you kiss your mother with that mouth?---------- affe mit waffe: lol---------- Djangoo: No but I kiss your mom with that mouth---------- affe mit waffe: flame kiddy ahoi---------- Kepler: shut the fuck up yell this is between me and purp---------- Djangoo: yeah yell---------- Djangoo: Fucking stupid piece of shit---------- Djangoo: Keep your cock mouth closed---------- Djangoo: asshole piece of shit---------- Imke: geesh---------- Djangoo: stfu red---------- Djangoo: don't get involved---------- Djangoo: faggot bitch shit---------- Imke: can you turn it down a bit?---------- affe mit waffe: lawl---------- Djangoo: can you turn down your assholeishness?---------- Djangoo: I can smell your cunt from here, red ++++++++++ 2010-10-02 Djangoo/Tarkovsky changed his review of me to: "Please stop spamming people's review pages with your endless blather. And johnmuir wasn't me, though you are correct that he did have the same IP address. And he, too, has a new account." Hmmmm. You said a few minutes ago "I don't know who this Tarkovsky is," but now you say johnmuir had the same IP address as you. johnmuir had the same IP address as you Tarkovsky or as you Djangoo or both? Either way, the Moderator pointed out about you that you were playing with two players at the same table with the same IP address even though Kdice doesn't let that happen. I can confirm that. I tried to play against someone who was at another computer in my house, but Kdice would NOT let us play at the same table. How could YOU do that Djangoo/Tarkovsky? Also, cheaters like you who spout abuse and rudeness in Kdice chat (see other reviews here) have no standing to ask for civility. Honorable, upright, civilized people have standing to call for civility. Join us, become honorable, upright, and civilized, and we will welcome you with open arms. Are you capable of it? The Kdice world awaits your choice. ++++++++++ 2010-10-02 PERMABANed but rising from the dead, Djangoo/Tarkovsky changed his review of me from "Psycho" to "Look, I don't know who this Tarkovsky is that you're accusing me of being, but it doesn't change the fact that you're a psycho." Hmmmmm, on what basis would you make that claim? 'Djangoo' just started playing a few days ago (soon after 'Tarkovsky' was banned), and I haven't played at the same table with 'Djangoo' yet (Tarkovsky and I did). Did you infer it from Kdice reviews you were casually reading the other evening? You read random reviews and then leave one word reviews for those players that interest you? Look [sic], "psycho" doesn't get tossed around much in Kdice reviews, so reasonable people are compelled to ask again slightly differently: What makes you say oakcliff is psycho? Uninitiated readers want to know. By the way, are you now avoiding using a second account because you were PERMABANed for playing as 'Tarkovsky' and 'johnmuir' at the same table and from the same IP address? Once burned, twice shy? You are too smart to get caught that way again--the evidence is too clear cut that way, right? When banned again, it will be easier for you to complain that moderators are being unfair and/or subjective rather than their having clear evidence like you gave them before. ++++++++++ 2010-10-02 Djangoo = Tarkovsky. When consistently PERMABANed for consistently breaking the rules, consistently change names. A 'Djangoo' is just a 'Tarkovsky' by another name.
oakcliff on Thursday November 4, 2010
broke his flag to get 1st, then claimed i 'ruined his game'
PussyPounder on Tuesday November 2, 2010
the bestest kdicer EVER! This guy really knows how to bring it... I'm going to call him "Visa", cause he's everywhere I want to be... Aww c'mon... you know you were rude to me, not the other way around...
Naughtarius on Sunday October 31, 2010
Complete jerk for no reason. I will never understand people like this.
mistersither on Sunday October 31, 2010
Forget, kdice. This guy is seriously disturbed. Avoid at all costs. (His favorite ploy is to accuse anyone he has a disagreement with of having (previously) made racist or antisemetic remarks.)
timquick on Saturday October 30, 2010
A funny asshole. His bark is worse than his bite.
damunzy on Thursday October 28, 2010
fucking racist!
The_Gel on Wednesday October 27, 2010
That's really racist, r0n.
Djangoo on Wednesday October 27, 2010
Djangoo: Goddamn nigger
r0n on Wednesday October 27, 2010
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