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This player absolutely refuses to stop BUSTING MY BALLS. JEEZ
remark on Saturday April 30, 2011
expecting a bad review he wouldnt flag out
Tonga Forrest on Thursday April 21, 2011
idiot, nooob. PGAer
b1125 on Thursday April 14, 2011
well, i'm sorry about that, if you was away. I had to build my lands up so I could win the game, it was nothing personal
Riamu on Friday April 1, 2011
Absolute toss
TheBetterYodel on Thursday March 31, 2011
Doesn't understand how flags work. Got mad when I told him I didn't accept his flag. It seems he thinks he is entitled to mercy.
zaaaannnnnn on Friday March 25, 2011
doesnt understand the concept of a flag
Max Strohmeier on Saturday December 11, 2010
pretty cool person i must say
Imaginelife on Saturday December 11, 2010
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