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PGA is against the rules -chat -play Bone-Roller 1:20 PM, Thursday September 23, 2010 EDT

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hes pga with sasaaaa he let him be second when all the rest was flagged and sasaaa was last...a truly son of a bitch
fedo on Thursday September 23, 2010
dont trust him, he doesn't respect flags...
AnthraX85 on Wednesday September 15, 2010
Julo_ on Wednesday September 15, 2010
Newbie (Filho da puta) not respect flags when he give this... Dnt believe on his flags
Catota on Wednesday September 15, 2010
Zex i remember your fucking cunt name. Every time i see you i kill you this really is the worst player i ve ever seen!!! gl wih makinig enemies
wzzrdarjan on Monday September 13, 2010
Total prick who ignores all flags. Watch out for this asshole. PGA in tourney with player "cebalo" and "sensei_janna"
East on Sunday September 12, 2010
Kostur alt. Then same PGA with zoki balboa
Tueur_en_serie on Sunday September 12, 2010
a marginal player at best, a child molester at worst
Contador on Monday August 30, 2010
very honorable player with great sense of justice, good luck mate
Zoki Balboa on Saturday August 28, 2010
this guy is a total douche. no respect for the game or other players. fuck you zex.
ldo on Friday August 27, 2010
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