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Carloos: i didn't truce Carloos: you did Carloos: and STILL lsot Carloos: lost Sejo Vilic: add you on list to screw you Carloos: hahahahahahahaha Carloos: ok..for what? Carloos: winning? Sejo Vilic: every time i see you online tournameth or game Sejo Vilic: fuck off Carloos: i should do the same for you.. Carloos: you are the one that truced.. Carloos: and beat the truce..and you get mad? Carloos: hahahahaha pl is here Carloos: your problem..not mine Carloos: have a good day... ;)
Carloos on Friday September 6, 2013
asshole. pga with bivo. attacked when flagged. kill on sight.
marcb on Sunday September 1, 2013
Yup pretty much agree with the comment below and most of the rest of them whines like a little child when beaten
dudette on Thursday August 29, 2013
Yup pretty much agree with the comment below and most of the rest of them whines like a little child when beaten
Keyser Söze on Tuesday August 27, 2013
whines and whines and whines: "this is just acc for fun i have 3 more with 5+ medals". In your dreams.
calls calls on Wednesday August 14, 2013
Koji si ti kreten
WineCrawl on Monday April 22, 2013
PGA group Sejo Vilic, PeterSSon, Potrax and kkbomb BE AWARE!!!!
ubbentail on Thursday February 28, 2013
i follow him for a long time and i wrote all his pgas. Beware with him and all his fellas: hobgob, poudendum, Jack Barrows Louis Cypher, Skeezy 420, zin8, 3.14159, fastthink, hello, I´am a rock, dirtyrolls, timetown, orgI. BE CAREFUL WITH THEM
eyyou on Tuesday February 19, 2013
whines when he gets beat
koki1212 on Friday February 8, 2013
whined and whined because i didn't take his one stack in round two. number one, i couldn't have taken it, because the only thing touching it of mine was a one stack and number two, of course i wouldn't take it because it limits your growth making you easier to kill, which.. if i am not mistaken.. is the whole point of kdice, to kill and win... not content enough to try to suicide on me, he sat and taunted me the entire game after... what a whining douchebag. take him out asap.
do good anyway on Sunday February 3, 2013
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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