Level 45
to level 46


If ONCE i would have such fucking luck like 99% in this game do, I would be INVINCIBLE!!!
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Muppet all thats needed to be said.
Boozinganimal on Wednesday June 22, 2016
<<::>> <<>> <<::>> OFFICIAL LIST OF SUBSCRIBED "BashTime" FANBOYS <<::>> <<>> <<::>> jiminykickit, Deovolt001, gtalum, bivo, voodooer, sawwaveanalog, @ahnbowahn, Kerberus, mocavala, JUG HEAD, Ehnrooth, t1n, @Skaradeg, Matthew7, gabi6, gogi, dirtyrolls, xGrantel, Yorl, Lady Lite, roady38, play mate, 1hunglowsb, sangicus, 5er, phoneguy, Gumaar, Ravenheart ..... <<
BashTime on Wednesday May 13, 2015
Cries when he gets attacked. Try it, it's fun!
jiminykickit on Tuesday May 12, 2015
Flagged me, then backstabed as I was fighting
Deovolt001 on Tuesday November 19, 2013
BashTime is my number one stalker fanboy. :) He's gay for me, but sadly I don't go that way. Sorry bro.
gtalum on Tuesday September 10, 2013
im rember moron fuck you sistr and beybi.
bivo on Tuesday July 30, 2013
shit stabber, never trust this bitch, and PGA with Arthure and others, so kill at 1st time!!
voodooer on Tuesday July 30, 2013
nice fair smart player with honor and brains
Egazas on Wednesday July 17, 2013
crybaby noob
sawwaveanalog on Tuesday July 2, 2013
@ahnbohwan on Monday July 1, 2013
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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