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You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you mad.
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very nice player
dunnoy on Thursday January 21, 2016
enjoy play with idu, is a nice player :)
BenJa LeZana on Sunday June 8, 2014
fun to play with
sw1ft25 on Sunday June 1, 2014
Do not enjoy playing with him.
prairiehobo on Friday May 30, 2014
So angry!!!
Smoke Two Joints on Sunday April 6, 2014
Awesome player, honourable, trustworthy - always fun to play with.
john_egg on Sunday April 6, 2014
This cat is an idiot. I can't vouch for his backstabbing, etc. But his brain just isn't wired quite right.
Drucifer85 on Thursday April 3, 2014
dont respect flags,stabber
Aleksa_bre on Monday March 10, 2014
Stabber, careful with his flag!
villalobster on Sunday March 9, 2014
flag-ignorer for no reason......and btw: iDu = ich dumpfbacke - was absolut zu dir und deinem style passt, nur mal so nebenbei bemerkt....du siehst also: you are as stupid as your name
Mrs. M on Thursday February 20, 2014
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