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Let's try this again: shared accounts are against the rules -changeAvatar -chat -play -post Bone-Roller 1:26 AM, Thursday June 24, 2010 EDT
Hmmm, experimenting FTW +changeAvatar +chat +play +post -avatar Bone-Roller 1:25 AM, Thursday June 24, 2010 EDT
First ban for shared account was uneffective -changeAvatar Bone-Roller 1:22 AM, Thursday June 24, 2010 EDT
No posting of login data in chat. +changeAvatar -chat -play -post Bone-Roller 11:00 PM, Wednesday June 23, 2010 EDT
No posting of login data in chat. -changeAvatar Bone-Roller 10:59 PM, Wednesday June 23, 2010 EDT
Restored early in case I forget +chat +play MadHat_Sam 4:55 PM, Wednesday June 16, 2010 EDT
Take a break calm down and think about what you are talking about. -chat -play MadHat_Sam 4:07 PM, Wednesday June 16, 2010 EDT

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EInegro on Monday July 26, 2010
You know, I dont understand your play. You are under an alternate, which I've been to. I try and respect you but for what a stab every time I play you? I see why now so many people hate you. As far as your cousin Lane goes, I've got no problems with him. Just you need to know who is really a friend of yours b4 u decide to do something about it.
Lattie Bakes on Sunday June 20, 2010
Apparently Mexicans suck at kdice unless they PGA.
Barnaby red with on Tuesday June 15, 2010
motherfucking cocksucker; get what you deserve bastard.
luckster on Thursday June 10, 2010
lanegra is my cousin and Jazcan is an awesome dude , and i dont know who are you so i preffer they
SearchAndDestroy on Monday June 7, 2010
Same - didn`t respect flag - truces with Jazcan which has only one stack for disrepecting the flag. Leading player: Lanegramarta let him get 2nd place...
Die Waldfee on Monday June 7, 2010
A true fucking loser I witnessed the whole thing in the tournament! Your in 1st place and everyone Flags to you! you do not allow 2nd place player to fight for his flag and you on and kill him and protect your buddy... -=Untrustworthy Player=- DO not flag to him! immature and disrespectable
Deep Haze on Monday June 7, 2010
a real piece of shit who flagged to me then decided to attack me, fuck you cocksucker, ill kill u on sight u piece of shit
gen. sherman on Friday June 4, 2010
i realise a real hunter will destroy before search =P
Caesar on Wednesday June 2, 2010
effective in both issues... plays up to his name, so you wanna be his friend, not his enemy - good start into june, good luck at trophy hunt !
PRESIDENT N° 1 on Tuesday June 1, 2010
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