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Played several games on the same table with juango_ with pre game truces. -play MOCOM 8:27 PM, Thursday April 14, 2011 EDT
I hope you will understand the message just as well as Lanegramarta. Don't favor your friends this often in the future please +play jurgen 6:31 PM, Thursday March 31, 2011 EDT
learn to attack your friends too please -play jurgen 5:44 PM, Thursday March 31, 2011 EDT

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random attacking idiot
BigGameHunter on Wednesday April 13, 2011
attacks flags
Lady Lite on Thursday April 7, 2011
Doesn't honor flags. The comparison to Bivo is accurate.
Blueferret on Wednesday April 6, 2011
un GARCA de aquellos...
AMO on Thursday March 31, 2011
flag then attacks
Tarilonte on Tuesday March 29, 2011
fuck you sistr idiot bad player no respect flag delte acc idiot!add to may bad list.
bivo on Tuesday March 15, 2011
dont respect flags. (please, read his reviews... i´m not the only one he attacked after flagging)
CayDice on Monday March 14, 2011
motherfucker, don't respect flags, kill this piece of shit asap
Dead Red on Monday August 30, 2010
backstabber to the extreme, do not trust
acidiccrayfish on Saturday August 28, 2010
flaged him and he killed me
niczrobo on Saturday August 7, 2010
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