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avesano on Wednesday September 27, 2017
Hypocrit - likes to PGA but complains when others don't agree on his 1/2 split with someone else.
jb66 on Sunday November 20, 2016
seriously said i was sorry , missed that chat. Not intentional.Peterpeter.
peterpeter on Tuesday March 8, 2011
Created an interesting conspracy theory to hide his own pga. What a trud
uber_meister on Saturday February 26, 2011
Oh it looks that your reviews are quite in line of my thoughts about you. So i repeat my humble suggestion: please visit a brain specialist, you need a help, you are sick.
uolter on Friday February 18, 2011
idiot players!!delte acc!! pga players!!
bivo on Tuesday February 8, 2011
Great player. Understands game very well!
Beowulf10 on Sunday February 6, 2011
Please bring this player tissues before playing
gtech on Saturday February 5, 2011
every single review X10. Whines complains and whines more, then wonders while people kill him
Ambition on Saturday February 5, 2011
There's no need to insult me because you lost against me while I never flagged you. We've been equal the whole game, we both had the flags of everyone else. Furthermore I even stated in chat that it wouldn't be your table yet, so I didn't even trick you a single moment. It's you my dear who turns out to be just pissed off and who wreaks it on the remaining players. You can't just assume I'd flag you while being on the other side of the board because 3rd-7th flagged you. They had flagged me too! Having a single land advantage while we both have +32 is far away from having my flag. You blew it, shame on you, not on me. If you have such a grudge towards this game, then it might be time to leave for real. Think about it.
OviloN on Friday February 4, 2011
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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