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nexto u lost ur fight after playing stupidly, not my fault u went from first to 1 spot, well i grew from 5 spots to 20 after joining in the 4th round
kamakazi93 on Sunday October 9, 2011
don't accept flag from this asshole, he will backstab and kill u
nexeto on Sunday October 9, 2011
very fair player
seeb on Sunday October 9, 2011
asshole who doesnt respect a 2/4 fight when he is flagged 3rd
Ben Gunn on Friday April 22, 2011
Very cool player, who stepped up and meted out justice to the 2nd place player who interfered with my lowbie game against another player after I'd already flagged. There was no advantage in 2nd-place attacking, no alliance to defend. Thanks for the justice.
richweb on Thursday April 21, 2011
Trustworthy and polite too.
4rk on Tuesday December 21, 2010
Saw him in action. Good layer, honorable, trustworthy!
3nder on Wednesday December 1, 2010
well done, partner ;-)
Harris Tweed on Thursday September 9, 2010
Continuously good player!
Rowen on Sunday September 5, 2010
nice, honourable player. trustworthy.
boogybytes on Saturday September 4, 2010
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