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generalissimus S on Thursday March 26, 2020
Hello petopeto. You are not my friend but I respect your opinion. So I answer You here. Me and my friends who agrred to do that - we just want to stop the spam of RocknTroll in game chat. We tried to convince him to stop his spam in chat. But RocknTroll doesn't understand good words. Also he always want to get 1st place at the Jurgen table. So we agreed to stop his achievments at the table Jurgen. But this person with a sick soul is also a big liar. All we want is just to stop him. But RocknTroll created a lot of new low-scored accounts and played with them to get high scores. We reported some of these games at his reviews board. But he is crying so loud that You dont see obvious thing: he is trying to turn the situation in his favor. He copies all our words and write reviews with same words back to us. Just the liar.
kamikaze Mike on Tuesday November 27, 2018
Master of strategy.
RocknTroll on Tuesday November 13, 2018
Of course I did @custovic, but I told u I would swap back any land you took off me
petopeto on Thursday April 14, 2016
did not respect my flag asshole
custovic on Thursday April 14, 2016
fair and nice player +++
wEiRd0 on Saturday February 27, 2016
Very fair player.
photonrainNZ on Wednesday October 21, 2015
gave kill
eurasianbro on Thursday August 20, 2015
yes except you didnt accept any from anyone that is just bully shit
Joseph Christian on Monday March 16, 2015
big server idiot fuck you mother prostitute!
bivo on Monday November 17, 2014
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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