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Hudge staber, never trust, stabed in tourney
Rafkrik on Monday May 6, 2019
what a joke is this guy
sillywilly on Thursday December 6, 2018
kamikaze Mike on Monday November 19, 2018
Great player. Good tournament, tiger.
Sniksir on Friday September 7, 2018
Staber evry game stab, BAD PLAYER !!!
IQGenius on Thursday September 6, 2018
good tournament
heraclitus on Friday August 17, 2018
honors his flags A+
JUSTcallmePRE on Thursday July 5, 2018
I'd feel bad about taking you out of that tourney if it weren't for the fact that I needed your spot to have a shot at first, and from your reviews here, it was karma.
dnaa on Monday July 11, 2016
Im sorry man i honestly didn't see your flag as you saw I accepted your flag the game before it, an honest mistake and i owe you one.
Omarinho on Sunday May 17, 2015
stabbed me in a tourney
TimeR_rW on Sunday May 17, 2015
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