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From now on, all cashews will be swift.
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a nut of great honour it was priviledge to fight on the same battlefield, perhaps someday i can resemble his greatness
otis 1 on Friday May 20, 2011
Overweight and feminine
Blips on Thursday May 19, 2011
Does not honor flags. if you help him he will let his buddy Milkos build a huge army and then he will move aside and let him attack you. This guy had first and i had flagged for 2nd. Then all of a sudden helps Milkos win. He even gave him the win when he had first locked up. PGAer!!!!~
FYYFF on Thursday May 19, 2011
good player, nice guy
Shadamy on Saturday March 19, 2011
full pussy. uninteligent player only going play in tem. can play alone . PGA with ,,3lefant,,
Ivailo Milchev on Tuesday July 13, 2010
Buttery Pancakes, if you flagged I would've known/seen and wouldn't have called PGA. I wasn't bitching, FYI. You're just angry for getting last. I always check the chatbox so don't think I'm lying about the known/seen the flag thing.
SwiftCashew on Monday July 12, 2010
Tends to bitch when being screwed by asshole players and is quick to call PGA. Green was flagged to me idiot.
Buttery Pancakes on Tuesday July 6, 2010
Thanks for sticking up for me on my reviews page. :)
rainspirit on Friday June 25, 2010
PGA with rainspirit
Zockaaa on Wednesday June 23, 2010
are you a moron? if i dont attack a weaker player, who should i attack? learn how to play moron!!!!!!!!!!!! SwiftCashew wrote: Horrible player who focuses on taking out one certain weak person who is completely innocent.
KuDec on Tuesday June 22, 2010
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