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a pointwhore. Will destroy the game when nothing goes his way.
JJohnson on Monday September 9, 2013
nah fucking idiot bad player dont respect flag!
bivo on Saturday June 8, 2013
this is a film based on real events... once upon a time where a 53 level player played for -8 points in a 100 points table, instead help the guy who safe his ass, when this guy had 3vs1 him....
celta on Sunday April 21, 2013
lol WhO. dont backstab pls
StopHammerTime on Thursday June 23, 2011
fucking idiot , pga player, isnt respecting flags and a big bitch.
Wh0 on Thursday June 23, 2011
PGA: Das Kreuz + StopHammerTime. Backstabber and liar. Stalker and creep, too. Why do you hate women? PGA: verkhovensky + StopHammerTime. Also seems to be racist against people of Asian descent or origin. All in all, a nasty person.
ClownGirl on Thursday October 21, 2010
Remained Kdice's infant terrible :)
Voyvoda on Wednesday September 8, 2010
I flaged him and after accepting, he suddenly attack me, be caution
pablinho on Monday July 19, 2010
doesn't give a shit for fair playing
sebaj on Wednesday June 30, 2010
sometimes respects flagse sometimes not. even if he says he does. kind of a big screw
sol4 on Tuesday June 29, 2010
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