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No noobs are good noobs
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pga with Captian Ramius
kostka4 on Tuesday October 24, 2017
hcdug alt
Why? on Thursday October 5, 2017
i forgive you
Hero On Time on Wednesday October 4, 2017
arrogant and holds irrational grudges.
Acrisius on Friday March 31, 2017
useless guy ever!
Rafkrik on Thursday March 30, 2017
pga with das and nice try on the review TROLL
Dude111 on Friday November 25, 2016
This idiot Noob Slayer PGAed in tournament with serzas, makes stupid flags, ruins game, just terrible player.
Full_Fight on Friday November 4, 2016
how can he pga hcdug when he is hcdug ?!?!?!?
TrueBlue on Thursday August 4, 2016
PGA with hdcug
Immigrant on Friday February 19, 2016
Anger the deceiver... Makes you evil. Eats the love in your heart and turns it to ice... Pulsing through the veins. Freezing. Burn. Anger the killer... The bucking bull... Kills you... Kills them... Kills... The heart. Anger the stealer... The selfish twit... Stealing the love in the hearts of others. Anger the virus... Contagious... Spreading... Infecting... Dead.
Ignis Mortis on Friday February 19, 2016
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