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mmcool on Wednesday September 1, 2010
sorry if my first coment was very harsh and rude, but breaking a truce when you were the the bigger partner is terrible since instead of flagging 3rd or attacking you when you were fighting for first I risked all for getting you first instead of 2nd place and then you just flag 2nd after 3 rounds and join the oponents in attacking me ...... as soon as things didn`t work out as desired, flagging to the one we truced against instead of hanging on and trying until the positive or negative end is a bad case of treason which eventually brought me place 6 ... one of the worst and annoying kdice experiences ever with no excuse except noobishness, and i must say i hate unloyal and opportunistic actions like that ---- in my opinion a truce means all or nothing and there should be no honourable way to flag, also I would not have accepted your flag if I was the opponent because that also betrayed his partner who would have rightly deserved the second place you suddenly claimed
PRESIDENT N° 1 on Wednesday September 1, 2010
amazing name, i'd like to play with this guy.
DJohnson on Saturday August 28, 2010
this guys outlook on life is positively great , i enjoyed playing him
kiwimatt on Monday August 16, 2010
nostrapotamus is great
dumbo25 on Saturday July 24, 2010
Do not play with this guy!!
Your_Mom on Friday July 23, 2010
total noob
ultra-tomba on Thursday July 15, 2010
PGA with MFF
-jopan- on Monday July 12, 2010
PGA WITH MFF Dont Trust him ! He'll backstab You
CrankG on Monday July 12, 2010
slow, steady and trustworthy ;)
huluhulu on Thursday May 27, 2010
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