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calls calls on Tuesday July 23, 2013
Eldoro on Tuesday November 29, 2011
avatar theif! but i do love it...
RollinLikeAChamp on Wednesday April 6, 2011
demos70 on Tuesday October 5, 2010
C0R0 likes to call people dicks if they dare attack him, then disrespects any flags he's given at the end of the game. Classy player!
Diado on Sunday October 3, 2010
KIll him asap if you wanna enjoy a game or a tourney. liar, stabber...
olkainry38 on Wednesday September 29, 2010
I dont ever leave reviews but this guy is one of the worst pricks in the game. Constantly accuses of PGA, backstabs after you flag, has plenty of pga's of his own. NEVER trust him, ALWAYS kill him.
charliedontsurf on Thursday September 23, 2010
"PGA with yellowfin and The Greek7. Should be banned" I had a 90% chance of taking 1st if yellowfin wasnt to hit me, he had a 7 stack which was on the tail of my lands. I offerred him a 1/2 truce. 2 other players revolted. The Greek7 kept quite and didnt join in the revolt. So yellowfin and I attempted to get him 3rd.
C0R0 on Wednesday September 8, 2010
PGA with yellowfin and The Greek7. Should be banned
DJCrowther on Wednesday September 8, 2010
confirm the said. ignored flag, created his own strange rules to justice farming.... quote 'bhwrice on Monday August 30, 2010': "Asshole, simply. Has a power complex, probably no friends or some mental health issue." i absolutely agree.
TooGross on Wednesday September 8, 2010
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