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A player so terrible at the game that words can't even begin to describe his ineptitude.
shadowofjazz on Tuesday May 10, 2011
not a very nice guy at all.
surfierox8 on Wednesday February 2, 2011
asshole dont trust him
iron on Friday September 10, 2010
Nice guy.
Rowen on Friday September 3, 2010
PGA with cheif poo. If you flag cheif poo or Gus_Br they will continue to attack and skull fuck u. I ended up getting first because they one of them lagged out....lol. Nice try cheaters. Kharadams can attest to this ... see the review below. He got fuct.
KimJung da ilest on Friday August 20, 2010
just a complete fucking tool.
Khradams on Friday August 20, 2010
revolted cause i beat him in a tournament
Gus_Br on Sunday August 15, 2010
classic backstabber
Lukazz on Wednesday August 4, 2010
shit head dumb fuck
EZgo on Wednesday July 21, 2010
very good player
Souper Hero on Sunday June 20, 2010
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