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real nice guy and a very fair and honest player, cheers sildaan and gl
barmat on Friday July 9, 2010
unfair player, make truces
sebaj on Thursday May 6, 2010
bad player
Babilon on Saturday February 27, 2010
Good player that can be trusted. He flagged early on. Gained the upper hand and honored his flag in the end. Good luck in the future.
EddyB on Tuesday February 23, 2010
Real stand up guy, flagged to me and kept his word; when I was ganged up 2 on 1 by two guys who wanted to leapfrog over him for 1st, he fought it through with me to the end.
WD40 on Monday February 22, 2010
beware him!!!
lussor on Monday February 22, 2010
doesn't respect flags.
AIfons on Saturday February 20, 2010
Vflagged second to me, and backed it up with a real flag as soon as he was able without having to be asked. Seems honorable :)
Diado on Saturday February 20, 2010
seems a fair player, ok in my book: had only vflagged 2nd to me and could have fought for it but he was true to his word. recommended. btw: "truced with..." what kinda bullshit complaint is that LOL...!
scaramanga on Wednesday December 30, 2009
truced with lussor and accesomat
Raubritter on Wednesday December 23, 2009
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