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Recognized on 11:57 AM, Monday December 2, 2019 EST by integral
has been fairly helpful in trying to keep this community fair in a time when there's so few active mods. Thanks for all the help and support.

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restored +play jurgen 6:43 AM, Thursday March 28, 2019 EDT
pga -play jurgen 6:32 AM, Thursday March 28, 2019 EDT

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what did you do? i thought it was aoa...my 3 other accs are still banned btw <.<
gtzlat on Wednesday January 8, 2020
been around for quite a while, overall a respectful player
Caesar on Sunday January 5, 2020
If anybody's wondering why I was banned for P.G.A. for 11 whole minutes, me and Mark Twain were countering avesano-dicebomb-IQ Jackass pga when jurgen showed up. We said they were pga and they accused US of pga. Jurgen chose to believe the pga'ers. Then Louis Cypher came to our defense and Jurgen realized his mistake. About the whiners: avesano (as XIV Louis), [email protected]???, Alperen Kalay, dicebomb, and IQ Jackass (banned) all P.G.A together. bajohazard (banned) / Kurton (banned) P.G.A.'ed with ado1 (banned). And Secret Powers is just a sore loser.
PanzerRed on Monday December 23, 2019
PanzerRed's pga with Diabe : https://kdice.com/games/85054384 http://kdice.com/games/84992116 PanzerRed's 3 way pga with hcdog and another lame ass : http://kdice.com/games/85682543
avesano on Monday December 23, 2019
Don't try to tell me what to do and what not to do.
AoA on Sunday December 22, 2019
I'm back!
huhu on Tuesday December 3, 2019
MMM102 on Thursday November 21, 2019
Is being a guardian of the game recently... We shall restore peace and justice here
davilfs on Sunday November 10, 2019
He is sometimes annoying, often didn't pay attention, but at all is fair and good guy. Cheers mate! No grudge.
Mark Twain on Monday September 30, 2019
Very bad player, cause of him all new player not playing anymore. Tactics, first - say that is bivo proxy, next, came with two proxy of yourself and say same. Something wrong or bad with him, every day is on kdice, not playin' only goes from table to table, and make someone bivos, then make pga with others and kill player. He says ' Bivo play with 5 accounts at the same time'. If that true, Bivo play with legs and arms and jump from player to player fast as lightning!!! He low this game to lower level. No new player, only his proxys. If have new proxy, came to table and talk very good about new acc!!! Sick, childlish, very bad for KDICE. Ban him and his proxys or PGA friends, only way to this game to have more and more players. He kill Kdice, bivo is second, but i understand this. Sit on table, all kill him in PGA or proxy team , cause he is bivo. Only way to play (if he plays at all) is to play with friends, or others who acused to be a bivo.
bajohazard on Saturday August 24, 2019
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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