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fair player!
DeLany on Thursday March 31, 2011
DYNAMO! DRESDEN! sag mal wohnst du auch in meiner schönen stadt?
the die on Wednesday July 7, 2010
Dear Platsch, thanks for your entry. You are really a very nice person and enjoyable to play with... yes, I was also quite shocked and disappointed since in the worst case that action may even cost me this month`s trophy... (imagine, if the roll off result had been respected we could even have played the final table against each other , hehe, you won ! so maybe it was better...) but you don`t have to blame yourself for not acting fast enough, even I saw the fragility of my small territory left at that stage of only remaining 3 and considered to expand by 1 fro safety, yet it still came rather unexpected for myself as well since I had not expected Yeti to do that and morever succeed 3 rols 8v8 in 1 strike ... destiny ?
PRESIDENT N° 1 on Wednesday June 23, 2010
Very Nice Player and very Fair Player. TY
erkan73 on Monday June 21, 2010
you flag me during my turn - a bit late Honey!
PlatschQuatsch on Sunday June 13, 2010
didnt respect my flag in tournament when he was claerly first! thanks a lot!
Deep Haze on Friday June 11, 2010
DYNAMO!!! fair player
JEBL on Friday June 11, 2010
plays fair. he was in 1st and he and i were fighting wen a dumbass (michele) flagged in 2nd attacked me. he stopped attacking me to let me fight said dumbass and would have allowed me to fight him but i already flagged.... class player thanks
the_tactician on Monday June 7, 2010
Good honest guy, good game
immy on Sunday June 6, 2010
Asshole, Didnt make respect flags to me (he flagged to me also) in a tourney to help Wishbone to stay in. CHEATERS ! ASSHOLES !
charlesVII on Wednesday June 2, 2010
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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