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had a fucking flag up for 4. flagged way before the other guy who was smaller then me did, instead he fucks my game against the tiny ass guy and gives him a 4th place. should be banned for funnelling.
Lalita Lani on Tuesday May 19, 2015
just freely gave me first after i had emphatically flagged to him.. good guy, will be forever indebted to him
Amoos on Tuesday May 19, 2015
what a tool. other reviews are accurate. he accepted a flag that guaranteed him first and then randomly fucked everyone else after they flagged as well. fuck you dude.
du11 on Sunday May 17, 2015
pretends he wouldnt have seen your flag when you in fact flagged him and obviously fight someone else - both was said in chat. so either he is just dumb as shit or PGA with nafion, which was the one who had all advantage by riseanfall's action --- i rarely PGE anyone, but be sure you are my PGE from now on
Mrs. M on Thursday May 14, 2015
retarded ass player
Adam_ on Sunday July 3, 2011
screws my fight for no reason after flagging him
psykopat on Friday June 17, 2011
IFIGENIUS on Wednesday June 15, 2011
No respect
Wilky on Friday June 10, 2011
markou on Friday June 3, 2011
no repect flags.. Attack after flags for domination... Noob !
demenvil on Wednesday February 16, 2011
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