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attacks at random, pure noob who doesnt understand the game.
JAwesome on Wednesday November 24, 2010
ok guy
HeavyMetalManiac on Thursday November 11, 2010
doesnt honor flags is a total cdouche
dnd980 on Wednesday November 10, 2010
Bad player who attacks with up flag. FU.CK U
Albeer on Tuesday November 2, 2010
Fair player - honored her flag
David_123 on Tuesday November 2, 2010
Flagged so ofc I didn't attack and then it comes down to the two of us. After he built, he attacked me for 1st. I'll remember this, don't worry.
akmillett on Friday October 22, 2010
doesn't respect flag at all.
Ramtin on Friday July 23, 2010
Bad player, initiates bull shit playing apparently? trinca: omg i helped you pinkskittz is here gingerpwnage: u such a liar:L trinca: yup gingerpwnage: it was ur idea to backstab anyway lol trinca: its compulsive gingerpwnage: haha:L
MisfitMutt on Thursday May 13, 2010
bad player. one of those kiddie with no flag-respect. kill this idiot asap if you want a fair game. asshole
cinzano on Wednesday April 14, 2010
truly smart player
Caesar on Monday March 8, 2010
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