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hey DM my chat got taken off, we did truce yeh, sorry i wouldn;t have lagged out, thought u were gonna take his flag. good game though
kendawg on Monday December 13, 2010
Lol Leeeroy, you write the exact review i gave you 3 days earlier... So which one of us is lying?? But the PGE stands anyway... Just so you know
DiceMaster2 on Saturday December 4, 2010
PGA with boogybytes
PORSO on Monday November 29, 2010
NASTY Backstabing Bitch, Will PGE you from now for backstabbing during memberstourney!!!
leeeroy jenkins on Saturday November 27, 2010
bad player. watchout.
CuteKittens on Friday November 26, 2010
Really funny player! Doesnt know how the game is played and gets crazy when he loses! gg btw ;-)
justgolden on Thursday November 25, 2010
DM, I would never hold a grudge or pge you. It is NOT how I play. I also play for fun.. I pride myself on trying ot be fair so when I feel that i've been screwed it shits me. Having said that, I know it was a misunderstanding.. Good luck in future games :)
Loobee on Friday October 29, 2010
Thx, Dicemaster, you do exactly what a good, honest player does, you always should be competitive but you also should have the spirit of a true athlete to say gg so you earned even more of my respect
jurgen on Tuesday October 5, 2010
you want to know how he gets his trophys? a poor crybaby who needs a pga of 3 to win. poor noob. im sure hes the worst pussy in that game. poor gay, get a life.
Pustekuchen on Monday October 4, 2010
TY for your review DM, i really enjoy playing with you too. Good and fair player what else ;-)
olkainry38 on Monday October 4, 2010
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