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Jew Jon

Real Jew...I don't hate
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played well. not a prick.
SARS on Saturday December 15, 2012
Very friendly. Worked with me to teach a new player how to play.
Rehclip on Saturday December 15, 2012
pleasure to play with (in both senses)
greekboi on Saturday December 15, 2012
Typical everyday asshole
Cirdan on Saturday December 15, 2012
jews don't pga :P
Jew Jon on Tuesday December 28, 2010
Pga with Gm (Cool G) and Gauntlet. Prick.
Mercantile on Tuesday December 28, 2010
absolute jerk. actually. wait. hmm. no. probably I'm just annoyed. apologies.
leonflintleon on Wednesday December 22, 2010
Nice Jew ^^
WhatsHerFace2468 on Monday November 29, 2010
Excellent, fair player. Respects flags. Appreciate it :)
yesleK on Wednesday November 3, 2010
fair player, knows hows to take care of a game in first position
mkl1525 on Friday August 20, 2010
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