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Hate the game! NOT the playa!
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Caesar wrote
at 5:03 AM, Sunday September 1, 2013 EDT
gratz ur first podium<3
kdiceplaya! wrote
at 11:23 AM, Wednesday December 22, 2010 EST
1 hit for the kill!...

kdiceplaya!'s turn
Sjoefie defeated 5v6, 22 to 18, (6,5,2,4,5 to 3,3,3,1,4,4)
Sjoefie defeated 4v1, 13 to 3, (1,2,4,6 to 3)
Sjoefie defeated 3v3, 16 to 13, (6,5,5 to 1,6,6)
cool g wrote
at 10:51 PM, Friday September 24, 2010 EDT
Nice blue bro, now 1 more this month. BTW I think i should be in your list for most "cool" kdicer :)
Donald Krunk wrote
at 2:15 AM, Saturday September 11, 2010 EDT
With great krunk honor and pimp pride, Donald Krunk graciously accepts the title of Most BAD ASS K-Dicer. I would like to thank all the basement dwellers and noobs out there that allow me to outwit, destroy, and humiliate them every week via the internet.

In return, I would like to nominate kdiceplaya! as the Most PIMP K-Dicer. I mean just look at that avatar! If a K-Dicer were to actually ever go outside and have a real life sexual encounter with a coherent female without paying, it would definately have to be kdiceplaya!

Most PIMP K-Dicer:
1. kdiceplaya!

PLAY ON PLAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kdiceplaya! wrote
at 5:16 PM, Wednesday September 1, 2010 EDT
kdiceplaya!'s turn
for fun Q__Q defended 6v2, 9 to 12, (1,1,1,2,3,1 to 6,6)
+2 dice
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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