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fun pal
potent potable on Saturday May 30, 2009
Truce Aint Pga.
DeviousBastard on Saturday May 30, 2009
aliihsani on Saturday May 30, 2009
pga with barbar
Henrik on Wednesday May 27, 2009
Spamming Reviews is FUN!
Niekzor112 on Monday May 25, 2009
They game we played, he truced me then backstabbed me (not noticing a truce in the north and counter opportunity in the south). I connected 4v5, he said he was confused and truced me again. When I released his 8 by taking a 1 stack to open him up, he suicided into me a turn later. I think he can't read the chat or the board very well, extremely unreliable.
Leek Step on Monday May 25, 2009
amazing player i have a lot of respect for cos he has it for all and everyone dont get on the wrong side hes strong your cool man peace out :)
Rastaa Man :) on Monday May 25, 2009
a noob that does not understand the game. PGA lover he is.
tyty2323 on Monday May 25, 2009
8v8 champion
greekboi on Friday May 22, 2009
seems like a good guy, has fun
DMS on Friday May 22, 2009
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