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restored +chat +play integral 9:48 AM, Sunday February 21, 2016 EST
sort out your problems I'm tired of baby sitting you two -chat -play integral 2:29 PM, Wednesday February 17, 2016 EST
fresh start. have fun +chat +play jurgen 4:37 AM, Thursday February 11, 2016 EST
Lalita Lani and sung2323 will take a joined 3 day ban on ALL accounts for hate speech in chat and general toxicity to this fun game. Take a break and calm down. This game is about having fun and not about raging and ruining other people's day! -chat -play jurgen 3:24 AM, Monday February 8, 2016 EST

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april's pga buddy
k diva on Monday May 14, 2018
HankScorpio on Sunday May 13, 2018
Captain Crunch is out to lunch, sailing the high Seas of Thorazine. He spends half the day serving invisible tea to the make-believe Peters of his conspiracy. When roiling waves slap the hull, the marbles in his skull, clink and clank, roll out his ears, then walk the plank. He rants and raves, he sneers and jeers, he bellows-out bellicose boasts. He sees images of Peter in nearly everything; in the clouds, in the sails, he even sees images of Peter in his toast. And just when Captain Crunch believes he's made some headway in the hunt, he shakes and heaves when he sees an image of Peter reflected in the cabin's mirror, seemingly mimicking his every move, leaving the Captain, utterly confused.
Ignis Mortis on Friday February 19, 2016
Will play moves for others over chat. Make the game toxic.
meme12 on Monday February 15, 2016
enjoys antagonizing me just to get me banned again. wtg sung. perhaps youll succeed and tbh after how everyone is treating me today for no reason and being best buds with you perhaps its all just a fucking set up anyhow. good luck in this game. and tbh i hope you get caught in your lies and your cheats. because something is bound to come of it with you and i hope its sooner rather then later.
Lalita Lani on Thursday February 11, 2016
foul game ...
Grux on Monday February 1, 2016
odd the only person that says he is honorable, is the kid that truced him 5 games in a row (kittah). I prefer to stick with the 50 others that all say the same thing. 2nd, your ppg is 79 which is about 1/3 of mine, so unsure where you getting this mystical 300. But, if it makes you feel better. . . . . lol Happy Rolling.
hcdug on Friday January 29, 2016
Honorable player :)
kittah on Thursday January 28, 2016
Guys, this is gurgi again, right?
DonnieScribbles on Friday January 15, 2016
sung, you claimed there were 2 alts in that tourney to pge you (hcdug and someone else) and that there were also 3 PGAs. There were 13 players, 3 of which never clicked a territory. So, out of 9 players, 5 were against you but couldn't knock you out within the first 2-3 games? http://kdice.com/tournaments/59/stats//44865203 You are level 64, you should know better by now. There was no one PGEing you. You can't get mad at someone fighting for first place after you flag the 2 who are fighting and then get mad at them for not letting you pass. Don't flag yourself in a corner. Also, there was not a single PGA in that tournament.
ericott on Friday January 15, 2016
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