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Honourable! One of the most pleasant players to play with! Love him!
DruiD on Thursday October 10, 2013
fucked me in the end, didn't flag when he said he would, killed me in the end.
bleck on Monday September 30, 2013
Pretty nice guy overall. Might even call him a bro if i was playin cause there aint much evil there :D
Joker-jr on Sunday September 29, 2013
I was not myself last night, lost a fight, my woody barely running. By a dude I should of beat, and on the street, a blow like that is stunning. I finally lost control, I tore my tug and roll upholstery...where my baby sits up close to me, thats supposed to be whats life all about. Of all lifes mysteries the greatest one ive seen, my short runs better when its clean :)
Vasha9276 on Thursday September 26, 2013
jcostello on Friday September 20, 2013
unrulyevil5 is the kind of guy who would sacrifice his life to save your puppy. a truly great player and i would trust him with my life
inPhiltrator on Friday September 13, 2013
Good guy
diceptr on Saturday August 31, 2013
Luckyroller45 on Wednesday May 9, 2012
Does not respect flags - do NOT accept flag from him!
dzex on Thursday May 3, 2012
likes it big and thick
jagger02 on Saturday April 28, 2012
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